The philosophy behind Elegantly Vegan, what Elegantly Vegan stand for and believe in.

1. Vegan food is about delicious abundance, not deprivation.

2. Food should look good, taste good and do good. Food is the foundation and nourishment for your body and should also delight your soul. 

3. Elegantly Vegan believe in being grateful for the planet, the environment, and those who live on it, both animals and humans alike and want to help support a food-choice that reflects that grateful mindset.

4. Elegantly Vegan believe in organic, wholesome food options.

5. Elegantly Vegan is here to diversify the image and perception of both vegan food and vegans alike.

6. Elegantly Vegan believe in pleasure. Through enjoying sweet treats and fancy cocktails – everyone deserves a bit of pleasure. Pleasure is the nourishment for your soul.

7. Elegantly Vegan believe in always to use your fancy porcelain and prettiest cutlery, beauty, do it with style. Live everyday with your own flair and express your own unique style and personality.

8. Elegantly Vegan want to show vegan food in another context – you can veganize everything from a cocktail party to a Sunday brunch. Vegans eat the same food like everyone else – every dish can be made vegan. We just abstain from certain ingredients but eat the same dishes as everyone else.

9. Elegantly Vegan believe in an open attitude – everyone does the best they can and are on their own unique journey. No need to judge other people for the choices they make. Elegantly Vegan is here to compassionately show and share a lifestyle choice to anyone who is interested and want to know more – without judgement.

10. Elegantly Vegan believe that you should go after your dreams and make them reality.