An announcement about the app

by veronica

To create an app, with today’s fast paced technology, requires constant updates and tests for new iOS updates and devices that are released from Apple. It’s a never ending task and since the usage of apps within this vertical is declining, the publisher of the Elegantly Vegan app has moved on to other focus areas.

Therefore the Elegantly Vegan app is not updated anymore for new Apple devices and upgrades of the operating systems. For anyone who has purchased the app, the app is still functional on older versions of the iOS however, not guaranteed to work on future updates. If you want to keep a recipe for the future- just take a screen grab. Therefore the app is not available for purchase in the AppStore anymore.

The Elegantly Vegan app, when it launched was thought as both inspiration and education when released. Back in 2013, it was a suitable tool for that year and day of age. The app instantly went to number one i the Swedish AppStore once released, was selected as the app of the month by Vegetarian Living and featured in both Swedish and international press.

Of course I’m sad to see it go as I have worked so hard and long for this and been very involved with the actual production, but also, as technology progresses and one self also does, I think it’s time for new beginnings and a new format.

I want to thank everyone who has purchased Elegantly Vegan, supported the app and written about it through articles, tweets, mentions and kind words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m so very grateful for this.

I also like to thank and highlight the brilliant people at the publishing house and others that made the app possible:

Viveca Järhult and Nicklas Gottrup from Turning Point FTW and your crew (also thanked in the app).

Sonja Dahlgren for her impeccable style and work with the photographs as well as housing us in her kitchen and stylish villa in Gothenburg during the photo sessions.

Sirpa Jarshild with staff at Erikshjälpen who arranged the possibility to borrow the props and porcelain for me.

Anki Kling och Palace Göteborg for being able to shoot some intro movies as well as photo sessions in your beautiful building.

Martin Åkesson for helping out in the kitchen with cooking food, input and a joyous spirit during the food photography sessions.

DigitasLBi for allowing me to work part time for three months to create and work on this project.

My friends, co-workers and family who supported me during this time with encouragement, love and by test tasting and test cooking my recipes from Melbourne to San Francisco. 

Maria Hellbjörn in particular for helping me with the copy in Swedish.

Vegan Miam/Rika for your ongoing support and encouragement through the good and bad times.


Now Elegantly Vegan is a vegan recipe and lifestyle blog, which I will continue to work with and make into something new. 

I want to spend time in the kitchen, crafting vegan recipes  and I hope you will join me though and the various channels you can find me on.

With much Love and foremost Gratitude,

February, 2017