by veronica

On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions I receive. If you cannot find the answer to your question here. Feel free to use the contact form to submit a question to me. I’d love to hear from you. 

Shortcuts to specific topics

TOPIC: Press possibilities

Q: I want to write about the Elegantly Vegan blog or Veronica – can I borrow images? 
A: Yes you can, as long as the purpose of you borrowing images is to write about or include Elegantly Vegan in some way you can borrow images on the condition that:


  • The source is clearly stated as Elegantly Vegan 
  • There is a clear link to Elegantly Vegan both on the specific image and in the text
  • The link is a follow link and has validity in search engines 
  • Links to my instagram account and facebook is most welcomed!


  • The source is clearly stated as Elegantly Vegan/Veronica Stenberg
  • The website address in clearly stated 

Q: I want to write about the Elegantly Vegan app – can I borrow images?
A: Yes you can, there is a blogkit available on Flickr, with instructions on what the policy is in regards to using the imagery. The Flickr set is used so that you can easily embed the images in the most common sizes used today, directly from Flickr, without having to edit them yourself. See the press page for more information.


TOPIC: The recipes on the website / about vegan cooking 

Q: How many calories are in your recipes?
A: Since I’m personally a fan of eating anything that makes my body feel great and exercise to feel strong – I do not count calories. I count nutrition. I have no idea hos many calories are in my recipes and nor will I participate in this calorie craze in anything which I publish.

Q: Do I have to be vegan to enjoy your recipes?
A: Plenty of carnivores enjoy my cooking. My advice is to NOT to tell them it’s vegan until afterwards ;)

Q: What do you mean with vegan cream?
A: Now days you can buy an assortment of vegan creams, as in plant based creams to use instead of diary cream when you cook. Your local super market probably has a variety to choose from. The most common one is soy cream, but if you get the opportunity, try the oat cream as it’s great for cooking gratin’s! So with vegan cream I mean the substitute plant based cream, such as soy cream. 

Q: What measurement is ‘dl’?
A: DL is deciliter and commonly used in Europe.  Google has a great conversion tool here you can use if you are from the US and want cups instead.


TOPIC: About veganism and a vegan diet 

Q: Can you offer medical advice?
A: I do not offer medical advice, I strongly recommend that you contact your doctor or a healthcare professional to seek any medical advice.

Q: Can I loose weight on a vegan diet?
A: It depends on what and how you eat and if you exercise. A vegan diet is no guarantee for losing weight. 

Q: Where do you get your protein from?
A: Tofu, nuts, beans, grains and leafy green vegetables.

Q: I want to try a vegan diet, how do I do that? and where do I start?
A: There are plenty of great advice already available on the internet, so I’ve collected a few links I think are useful below:
1. How to go Vegan by PETA
2. Become a vegan by Vegan Society
3. Oprah’s Vegan Starter Kit
4. PETA’s Vegan Starter kit

A tip from me on becoming vegan is: to go easy on yourself, try to replace certain ingredients as you go along, not all at once. Don’t be to hard on yourself and do whatever feels best for you in the pace which feels right for you.


TOPIC: Newsletter 

Q: Is or will the newsletter be available in Swedish?
A: Since I alone edit the content in the app, the blog and the newsletter I had to streamline everything. With the growing audience being international I decided to only continue to do the newsletter in English only. I do however write occasionally for Swedish websites or magazines and there you will be able to find my recipes in Swedish. If you want a rough translation of the recipes to Swedish, you can use Google Translate in Chrome or add it to your browser – and choose to view the newsletter in your browser once your receive it. I hope this helps!

If you have more questions about the newsletter view the newsletter page


 TOPIC: Questions about the Elegantly Vegan Blog 

Q: Do you guest blog on other websites?
A: Yes, I do appearances online in other blogs and websites if time permits. If you have a guest blogging enquiry for me, get in touch using the contact form. Please state: subject for the guest blogging, your website address, if there is a particular deadline and also if you want any supporting material such as photography etc.

Q: Are there any guest blogging opportunities available for Elegantly Vegan’s blog?
A: Not at the moment, you can contact me using the contact form, if you are interested to collaborate in the future and I will put you on the list – if you pitch anything suitable for my readers.

At the moment I’m building Elegantly Vegan, thus the content in the newsletter and the blog is solely produced by me until it’s suitable to take on any guest bloggers.

However I have a list of bloggers which are interested, so feel free to get in touch for any future collaborations as this will change in the future.


TOPIC: Contact Elegantly Vegan

Q: How long does it take for you to get back to me once I’ve submitted my question?
A: Since I “work with” Elegantly Vegan on my spare time, it all depends on how my life looks at the moment.  Within 2-5 working days, you should be able to expect an answer.


TOPIC: Advertising

Q: Can I buy advertising/banner space in the newsletter on the website?

A: Yes you can. Use the contact form to get in touch and present your idea.

Q: I’m interested in advertising on elegantlyvegan.com and I want to know more about your visitors. Where can I do that?

A: I have a media kit available upon request

TOPIC: Collaborations

Q: I’m interested in collaborating with you, how do I proceed?

A:  It’s best using the contact form to get in touch, please describe your idea in as much detail as possible, it will help me answer your query.