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Elegantly Vegan is available for iPad (advanced) and iPhone (simple, bonus version) in App Store. Download the free preview version to explore the book by yourself.The purpose of the free preview version is to enable you to get a feel for the recipes and features of Elegantly Vegan. A way of digitally enabling you to “browse” the book before purchase.

If you want the buy the vegan cookbook now, you can do so though AppStore.

You can also explore the cookbook by flipping through the excerpt below, and reading more about the content and features of Elegantly Vegan further down the page.





elegantly vegan cooking module

  • Over 50 delicious vegan recipes
  • Easy voice controlled step by step module for cooking without having to touch your iPad, swipe back and forth by saying “back” and “next”
  • Suggested combinations and related recipes to enhance your meal
  • Grocery list – which you can email to yourself or the person doing the shopping that day
  • Easy servings calculator – recalculate the measurements of the ingredients based on how many people you are cooking for
  • Commenting and sharing functionality – share the photographs from the book to impress your friends with what you just created in the kitchen or add your own cool twist on the recipe to the book
  • All features available for iPad, you get the iPhone edition as a bonus
  • Recipes available in 3 different metric systems: US cups, UK imperial measurements/ml, Swedish dl
  • Available in both English and Swedish
  • When you download Elegantly Vegan you get both the iPad and the iPhone edition


Elegantly Vegans recipe sections:
  • Breakfast’s pleasures
  • Sunday brunch
  • Simple soups
  • Hearty salads
  • Lovely main dishes
  • Yummy comfort food
  • Sophisticated afternoon tea
  • Coffee time treats


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[…] A vegetarian since the age of 13, Veronica Stenberg has been searching for delicious food that meets her dietary requirements. After becoming vegan 7 years ago, she explored dishes from all over the world, from fancy restaurants to corner cafes. Now Stenberg has made the outcomes of her culinary adventures available to a wider audience – no passport required – in her book Elegantly Vegan. […]

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