by veronica

Elegantly Vegan has a monthly vegan recipe and lifestyle newsletter. The newsletter features a mix between basic vegan, staple recipes and some more adventurous ones for vegan entertaining. Per usual the recipes are delivered in both dl, ml and cups and accompanied with gorgeous photos of the dish in question.

Who is the newsletter for?

  • If you are curious about vegan food, a plant based diet and lifestyle – then you definitely want to sign up for the newsletter.
  • A seasoned vegan or vegetarian who wants some kitchen inspiration.
  • Any foodie, vegan/vegetarian or not, will appreciate the recipes.
  • If you are a friend or relative to someone who eats a plant-based diet and want a couple of recipes up your sleeve.
  • If you are allergic to milk/lactose or eggs and want recipes without these ingredients.
  • If you are on a clean, whole food diet, and want pure, plant-based recipes to support and accompany your diet or for entertaining purposes.

What content can you expect?

  • Always: Plant-based, vegan recipes for any occasion illustrated with inspirational photography.
  • Occasionally: Vegan lifestyle inspiration, such as stories about other vegans and their life and choices.
  • Sometimes: Any news relating to Elegantly Vegan and my whereabouts. 

Want to see a sample?

Click this link to view the newsletter from February 2015, the high time for tea edition, when I wrote about how to make the quintessential english afternoon tea vegan.

View the 2016 Autumn Edition sample newsletter

How often is the newsletter sent out?

  • You will receive an email every three months, usually in the beginning in the month. (February, May, August, November)

 How do you subscribe?

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