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This page contains all the information you need to cover Elegantly Vegan. Where to find photos, where to get in touch if you have further questions etc.

Have you already written about Elegantly Vegan?
I’d love to hear from you if you have written about Elegantly Vegan. Either if it’s the book or the newsletter. Please get in touch so I can link up to your website or publication and help you drive traffic and attention to what you have written.

Are you looking for more information?
Don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact form or the contact details below:

Skype: veronica_stenberg
Email: press  at elegantlyvegan dot com

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Access the press and blogkit

A selection of the beautiful photographs are available on Flickr which are easy to embed and use when writing about the ccokbook/app. Please note that while doing so a link back to the website or directly to AppStore is requested of you as well as a clear source mention (see guidelines below). Access the blog and presskit images here.

Guidelines and terms for use for the photographs
Feel free to embed these images on you blog or website if needed to support a feature/text/mention etc about Elegantly Vegan. While doing so – links should go directly to AppStore or this website:

By using the images included in this set you are obliged to link back to the Elegantly Vegan website and/or AppStore and to clearly state the source of the photographs to: Elegantly Vegan/Sonja Dahlgren with link back to Elegantly Vegan’s website and app. (Only link the Elegantly Vegan text please when creating the hyperlink).

If you have any questions please contact: press at elegantlyvegan dot com

Format for the photographs
The photographs are also suitable for print, the same terms of use applies. For print the source of the photographs should be clearly stated Elegantly Vegan / Sonja Dahlgren and use the website address in co-relation to your article.

Vegan recipe request or collaborations

I’m more then happy to lend my vegan recipes and photographs in exchange for exposure, features and/or in relation to interviews and link backs to AppStore and the website. Use the contact form or email press at elegantlyvegan dot com with your request.

In terms of collaborations, I’m open to discuss any ideas on how I can work together with other people, companies or organizations. Use the contact form or email press at elegantlyvegan dot com with your ideas on how we can work together.

As seen on

A small selection of magazines, websites and other media – which has featured or mentioned Elegantly Vegan from around the world. Have you written about Elegantly Vegan? If so please get in touch with a link, image or other material on press  at elegantlyvegan dot com.
elegantly vegan as seen on

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FACEBOOK: facebook/elegantlyvegan
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