The best vegan advent calendar

by veronica
zotter vegan adventscalendar

I’m so delighted (and perhaps slightly spoiled) over the fact that I got my favourite vegan advent calendar this year as a gift from my boyfriend :) I happen to love the chocolates from Zotter. It’s my favourite brand of pure high-quality chocolate. They happen to have the best vegan selection available, and not only that, they are fair trade and organic. You can’t get more luxurious than that :)

zotter vegan adventscalendar

The advent calendar is sublime. It contains 25 beautifully wrapped small chocolate bars. I love opening up a new day and enjoying my chocolate bar with a nice cup of green tea or a strong cup of espresso. The selection contains both pure chocolate bars and mini-versions of some of my favourite ones with various fillings. There is even a vegan nougat available :)

I got the same advent calendar last year – and I’m perfectly happy with that ;) If you want to grab one for yourself, they are still available in Zotter’s online store.