Cucumber, tofu & truffle appetizers

by veronica
vegan appetizers truffle tofu

This is such an easy appetizer or a perfect snack for a cocktail party. It doesn’t require that much work and it looks really pretty too :)


  • One cucumber
  • A packet of smoked tofu
  • Plant-based mayonnaise
  • Truffle oil
  • Toothpicks

vegan appetizers truffle tofu


  • Slice the smoked tofu and let it roast slightly in the oven (just to get a bit firmer and light colour), let cool off
  • Blend truffle oil to taste with plant-based mayonnaise in a bowl
  • Peel off the skin from the cucumber and slide in thick slices, approx 1 cm in thickness
  • Place the sliced cucumbers on a beautiful tray, add a dollop of the plant-based mayonnaise mixture and top off with a piece of tofu and use a toothpick to secure
  • Serve immediately

    For extra fanciness sprinkle finely chopped fresh herbs on top prior to serving your guests