My advice for Veganuary

Why you don't have to become a vegan to eat more plant-based food

by veronica

So my darling, this advice is intended for you who are not a vegan and want to do Veganuary OR eat more plant-based food. Why am I writing this? because I’ve had so many conversations with friends of mine that are non-vegans that feel pressured by labels and terminology that have the desire and intention to eat more plant-based food but don’t do the full vegan diet. Often they feel anxious and that they are doing something wrong if they are not full vegans or vegetarians or subscribe to a level or alternating life choice. So these are my two cents on the whole “going vegan” conversation.

I’m a firm believer that if we are going to go in the right direction towards taking care of our world – we need to be kind to ourselves and to others. So let’s start here.

If you are a person who wants to eat more plant-based food I want to help you with a few words from someone who has been EATING vegan, plant-based food for a very, very long time now. This is for you:

It’s ok – you do not have to become a vegan

You have the intention to eat more plant-based food – leave it at that! You do not need a label, such as flexitarian, vegan or otherwise to make better food choices. Just do you and try some new food.

Listen to your body – only you know what you need

All bodies are unique and you should listen to what your body needs. There is wisdom in that. I’m not talking about PMS cravings to eat a whole mega bag of crisps (which I’m guilty of many times over!). I’m talking about if your body craves some specific food stuffs that are part of your regular diet. No matter what it may be. As long it’s providing you nourishment, listen to your body.

More of better – not food deprivation

Choose more of better food, do not deprive yourself. If you are someone who eats meat, fish etc, choose to add more plant-based options. See it as an experiment, follow your joy and have fun. Don’t abstain and deprive yourself of things you like and enjoy, focus on finding more food that you enjoy that is plant-based.

Your tastebuds are unique

We all have our own preferences for taste and textures. If you are used to a taste, texture and scent, you will prefer that over a substitute for example. It’s going to be like that until you get used to something new. That’s the way it is. For example, I was a total white sugar addict when I was a kid, now I can’t stand the taste of white sugar since I’ve cut it out from my diet. Food tastes different based on what you are used to. Of course, we have good and bad food, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. It’s a process, and you can’t hurry this, just take it in your stride.

Be kind to yourself

You do not have to do drastic life changes, you are only taking one step at a time towards incorporating plant-based food into your diet and being kinder to the planet, you are also part of the planet and nature so be kind to yourself. It’s not something you need to proclaim to the world, if you are not in a shared household, for example. Just take one step at a time, follow your curiosity and there is plenty of yummy plant-based options to try when you feel for it.

Please note this is not medical advice. Do seek advice and counsel from a doctor before you embark on any specific dietary journey. Thank you.

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