2017 – a year in review

by veronica

Before we leave January behind, I want to take a moment to wrap up 2017. All in all it was a very luxurious year. I travelled to some fabulous places in the world. New York was one of them, a dream trip. Maximising the opportunity to grab deals through Hotels.com for flush spots around the world. Mixing it up with Air BnB every now and then. I’m very grateful for the travel, the experiences and being able to live this life.

Unfortunately, 2017 ended in the worst imaginable way for me. Which had me floored and I kind of lost some of my creativity at the moment. In terms of updating the website. Instead of forcing it, I’m taking a break from publishing photos and recipes etc.

Anyway back to the good stuff of 2017.

Most memorable cities & best restaurant:
  • New York: Pala Pizza
  • London: Tabun Kitchen
  • Palma: Compost
  • Budapest: Nobu
I travelled to:
Elegantly Vegan was featured in:
  • Djurens Rätt (Swedens Animal Rights Alliance) Members Magazine
  • M Nytt
I’m proud over:
  • I’ve done a lot of behind-the-scenes work on Elegantly Vegan besides a new website design.
  • Going through all the comments (still working on that)
  • and making structural and navigational changes to the website
I’m grateful for:
  • The help from Louise Karlund for the beautiful new photos
  • Being able to travel and experience the world
  • That you continue to visit my website and that the visitor numbers in Google Analytics keep on growing! thank you for your support!

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