The best vegan breakfast spots in Gothenburg Sweden

by veronica

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. When I’m travelling this is no exception. Even when I’m not traveling I love either to serve a big brekkie at home and read a newspaper on my iPad. Or to go out and have breakfast at a nice place and get spoiled with good food and that someone else gets to take care of the mess afterwards.

As I’ve lived in Gothenburg for some time now I know who’s who and what’s what when it comes to breakfast places that serve a good vegan breakfast in a cosy setting.

Here are my favourites if you are in Gothenburg and you want to treat yourself to a vegan breakfast, these are the places to go:

St Agnes


Go for the generous warm sandwiches, and if you can’t choose between green or red pesto – ask for a half and half!

If you want something sweet afterwards, this is the right place to go to as the pastries are amongst the best I’ve ever had!



This place is local to Majorna, which is a quaint area with old wooden houses, a definite must-see if you are here.

Go for the avocado or the hummus sandwich on sourdough bread.
They also have chia puddings, but you should definitely go for the sandwich.

Da Matteo

da matteo

This place has a couple of locations around Gothenburg. I like the one on Sprängkullsgata the best as the avocado sandwiches are freshly made here on their own sourdough bread.

If you visit one of the other locations the sandwiches are ready-made on rye bread, but still good.



Magasinet has this conservatory feel to it with exposed brick walls, a skylight and an abundance of plants. This is a place where you go more for the ambience and setting, more so than the food, It’s ok, but it’s not fabulous (their avocado rye bread sandwich). This is the place you have breakfast at if you are going vintage and second-hand shopping as it’s close to a majority of good second-hand shops in Gothenburg.

Johan och Nyström


Go for high-quality coffee and overnight oats. If you are a fan of sleek Scandi style design, you’ll like this.

Some of the branches also have beetroot lattes if you want to try the colourful vegan latte trend.

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