Vegan restaurants in Barcelona

by veronica

Barcelona has been on my wishlist for ages and this summer I finally got around to visit the city. First, we spent 6 glorious days in a remote location on Mallorca at a resort, swimming in the ocean, working out, using their spa and working up a nice tan. From Mallorca its a swift and very cheap plane ride to Barcelona. So after a few days of true R&R we hopped on a plane and went to the big city.

I really didn’t know what to expect but needless to say, I fell head over heels in love with the city. True to form we stayed in a central hotel in the Gothic Quarter (where else would I live ;) ) and spent the days at the beach and the afternoons and evenings exploring the city and eating all the wonderful food. 

What I love with Barcelona is the elegance, sophistication and multitude of creativity from food to design. The city has old architecture mixed in with contemporary architecture and its working so well. The food scene is amazing, especially for vegans. There is absolutely no shortage of vegan food and you don’t even have to rely too heavily on any research prior to your visit. I didn’t even have enough time, even though I was there for 6 days to eat in all the places that I wanted to try. 

I apologise in advance for the photos, my iPhone is on its last breath and the photos really don’t do the food justice. 

 Date updated: 11/08/2019 



Bistrot Rasoterra



This is a vegetarian restaurant and the vegan items are clearly marked on the menu. This is really an experience and if you are going to have one special meal for a special evening while in Barcelona,  this is the spot for that. The food is amazing and the service is friendly and attentive. I had the Ajo Blanco to start and the Croquettes which is plenty for me and a wonderful glass of biodynamic wine. The food is seasonal, locally produced and the quality is amazing.  I didn’t have room for dessert sadly. I highly recommend this restaurant not just for the food but for the wine selection as well. 

Located: Carrer del Palau, 5, 08002 Barcelona, Spain


Federal Cafe 


This was the regular breakfast spot while visiting Barcelona. They have vegan options on the menu as well as plant-based milk for any coffee. 

I tried two different things but once I had their chia pudding I have to confess that I had it every day for the rest of the stay. It was with hemp seed, cacao nibs and maple syrup and as I never eat sugary things it was such a treat for me that I got kind of hooked on it.

Located: view website as they have two different locations in Barcelona (I went to both, I loved the one close to La Rambla as you can sit outside under palm trees!) 





Teresa Carles is a Spanish chef and health food pioneer that owns quite a few restaurants in Barcelona and I tried three of them. Teresa’s was really close to the hotel I stayed at so I was there picking up bits and pieces from their takeaway counter as well as eating a few times as there are a few (very few) seats around the kitchen area. Teresa’s have everything from juices to salads and treats and loads of the best Kombucha I’ve ever had from the Kombucha Lab. (must try the Blue Mojito). The menu is flexitarian and there is plenty of vegan options, as well as everything, is glutenfree. I had quite a lot of things from their menu, one of them where an avocado sandwich (when would I never ;) ) and I loved the gluten-free bread. 

Located: Carrer de l’Argenteria, 31, 08003 Barcelona, Spain



Flax & Kale á porter (located inside H&M) 


This is also owned by Teresa Carles and is a café located in one of the most beautiful H&M’s I’ve ever visited in my life (even prettier than the one in Vienna, I didn’t think this was possible, yet it is!).  The building is stunning and the café is really elegant with contemporary furniture inside the old-style building. The menu is flexitarian, diary free and gluten-free. You pick up what you’d like in the fridge counters and they make beverages or other things for you if you like. They also have the wonderful selection of Kombucha there.  This is the perfect place for a light and healthy shopping lunch in an elegant setting. (Even though I’m no fan of H&M, fast fashion is not for me, I recommend this if you are in the area and the views are really nice too!)

Located: Passeig de Gràcia, 11, 08002 Barcelona, Spain



Flax & Kale 



I visited the Passage branch twice because I really enjoyed both the food and the setting and it was close to the hotel I stayed at so it made sense. The menu is just like all the other places, flexitarian and dairy-free and gluten-free. Which means that they have fish on the menu. The setting of this restaurant is around a passage and its really sophisticated with modern furniture and also an open space for the pizza oven, a kombucha lab and so forth. It’s a very elegant environment and I liked it a lot. I tried the pizza which was gluten-free and had 4 kinds of vegan cheese on it and yes it was as wonderful as it sounds. The crust was unbelievable. I have no words. The second night we ate there I had the Superfood Pho soup and it was delish. I love how you can order Kombucha to your meal as it’s a normal thing on the menu that also has great wine and other alcoholic beverages.

Located: two locations available, view website for details 


La Fabrica 


Ok, I didn’t get to try this place but my company did. This is the perfect food to buy and bring to the beach as its empanadas. They have three vegan fillings and I’d love to try this not only because they sound yummy but because they look so pretty. 

Located: several locations throughout the city, view website for details  

Not recommended 

This section contains restaurants that I tried that I didn’t enjoy and unfortunately can’t recommend. I think it’s important to include these as well. 




This is apparently a chain with more locations throughout Barcelona and this place was not for me. We ended up here for lunch on our first day. Firstly the portions were huge for me, and one dish would have been enough for me, I ordered a starter and a main and secondly, I didn’t like the food. I had tofu and shitake nuggets with a dipping sauce and a kale salad. The nuggets and sauce did not taste like anything at all. The kale salad was OK, but it was a bit bland and tasteless. We were also seated in the hallway in the entryway even though there were loads of empty spaces in the back, that was quieter. Plus we had a leaking air conditioning above us splashing water on us. It was just a horrible experience, to be honest.  

Located: has several locations, if you want to brave it, view the website 


Also on my list

These are the places I had on my list but didn’t get the opportunity to try (this time!), some that I found online prior to my visit and some are recommendations from other vegans. 


Brunch and Cake by the sea

brunch and cake by the sea

This is close to the Barceloneta beach. I heard that this is recommended for vegan brunch. 




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For breakfast and brunch. 




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For breakfast and brunch. 


The Green Spot 


Vegan/vegetarian fine dining in a contemporary setting. I had my eyes on the activated charcoal pizza. 




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For vegan burgers or junk food.  



Interior-Paradiso barcelona

Apparently good for cocktails. 

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