Getting Dirty Vegan food in Stockholm

by veronica

For my birthday this year, I got the perfect birthday present from my brother and his boyfriend.  I got a beautiful gift card that my brother had made himself that enabled me one free dinner in their fabulous company at the newest vegan joint in Stockholm – Dirty Vegan. It’s a paradise of vegan junk food. The weeks prior to my visit I checked the menu on their website and the angst of having to choose between all these tasty treats began. When the time came one very recent May afternoon we opted for one main each and a few sides to share. Making the deciding process so much easier as I got to tasty plenty of things from their menu.

I’ve always wanted to try cauliflower buffalo wings and gosh – I loved them! I had a mushroom burger with one of my favourite mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and we shared a few different fries, dips and vegan mozzarella sticks. The food was very so tasty and the company was the best. It was the most memorable meal and I will definitely go back as soon as I’m in Stockholm again. Fortunately for me, I have the pleasure of both working there occasionally and I have family in the city so this will be in the very near future for me.

If you are in Stockholm, this is a must-try! You will love it. Make sure to try the vegan mozzarella sticks, you’ll thank me later. Meanwhile, have a look at Dirty Vegans Instagram account, it’s quite amazing and creative. Pure vegan food porn :D and yes, they do have desserts as well!

Dirty Vegan 

Located: Södermannagatan 53, 116 66 Stockholm

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