Fab new vegan eats in Nothing Hill

by veronica

I’m just back from a spontaneous trip to London. I booked myself into a quintessential London hotel in Notting Hill, one of those Edwardian houses that looks like a square version of a wedding cake. I spent a whirlwind of a few days there because I really missed the city to the point of my heart aching. I’m eternally grateful to be in a  position where I can travel anywhere I’d like. In this case, I was still on my summer holiday, having just returned from Croatia and why not take advantage of that and go?

I enjoyed the energy of the city, the museums, the food, just walking around, window shopping at Selfridges, marvelling in the food halls of Harrods and taking long evening walks in Hyde Park while the parrots flew overhead.

As I’ve mainly worked in Notting Hill I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to stay somewhere relatively unexplored for me, even though I’ve spent five years as a resident of the city.

While being in Notting Hill I discovered and tried a few new places (for me) and there where tow other spots that I had on my list but unfortunately didn’t have time to visit. But I decided to include them here as well as I think they are really cute!

Cafe Forty One


This place has an all-vegan menu with French roots. An outdoor area which is secluded with trees and situated on a quiet street. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea as they have vegan patisseries.

This was a perfect place to enjoy a lunch alfresco in their outdoor area, while I just got into the city. In the shadows from the trees. It’s a rare gem in London.

I will absolutely return and try their afternoon tea next time!


I had the vegan “salmon” salad and it was absolutely delicious. I loved the textures and flavours.



This is a cosy restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their ethos is to let food be thy medicine. I loved the interior and the menu, as they have quite a lot of dishes that sounded really delicious. After much consideration, I tried the quesadilla. I liked the inside, however, I found the chickpea quesadilla far too thick and dry to be enjoyable.


They had loads of juices to choose from and the service was really attentive and friendly.

Farm Girl Cafe


I took a stroll up Portabello Road and nipped into Farm Girl Cafe which has the most cosy location here. I had the best avocado on toast I’ve ever had. They know their way to a vegans heart with ample amounts of avocado! The cashew nut milk latte I got was absolute art. I can see why this place is so popular!

When I was in Carnaby Street I found another branch and nipped in for a quick lunch. I treated myself to their coconut bacon BLT, which I also recommend. Paired with a matcha latte it hit the spot for a light lunch for me.

Still on my Wishlist:

Aubaine at Selfridges


With a few vegan items on the menu, this is the place for a breakfast before you head for the shops. It’s incredibly beautifully set up with all the flowers and the furniture, so this is a definite dream spot for breakfast.

Saint Aymes 

saint aymes london

Probably the most Instagrammed cafe on the planet? but who does not want to drink their soy cappuccino next to a wall of flowers? and while you are at it add some gold to my coffee as well. count me in ;)

For more vegan restaurants in London view the vegan foodie guide to London

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