Vegan breakfast in Stockholm

by veronica

When I travel I want to enjoy a leisurely, long and scrumptious breakfast. If I’m on my own I’d love to read the paper and take my sweet time. Sometimes I book hotels with breakfast, sometimes I rather not so I can enjoy the luxury of eating out.

I went to Stockholm with a friend recently.  I thought it would be easy to find vegan breakfast options. Well, I guess if you are fine eating at a run of the mill coffee shop chain. Which I am not. So it was actually not that straightforward to find a place for breakfast. Especially not downtown, and the few spots that are located there, don’t open until 10 or 11.

Hence I decided to compile a list of places where you can sit down, and read the paper, which offers some kind of ambience beyond a coffee chain. Where you can enjoy yourself. So here are my tips on where you can find vegan breakfast in Stockholm:

Pom & Flora

Located on Söder (the south island) they have breakfast all day. All the Swedish bloggers go here. So I’ve seen on their websites :)

Tow locations:
Bondegatan 64, Stockholm
Odengatan 39, Stockholm

Blå Lotus 

Hippie-chic kind of cafe serving hearty sandwiches. Has newspapers and an ambience. Does every order, no clingfilm, pre-made stuff.

Katarina Bangata 21, 116 39 Stockholm


Has several locations. even though it’s a juice bar they have porridge on the menu. I really wanted to try this place but they opened so late that I never got the opportunity to.

Located: view the website or Google Maps, they have plenty of locations around Stockholm

Urban Deli 

Go for brunch. It’s very Scandi-chic and in an area with great vintage shopping. Has vegan items on the menu and some of the dishes are available to be made vegan.

Located: Nytorget 4, Stockholm (apparently several locations, however, I prefer this one as it has great shopping nearby)

Johan & Nyström 

This is also tres Scandi. With a lot of wooden interiors, clean, easy lines. They have a chia pudding with matcha which is vegan. On the second morning I was there I asked if they could make me a sandwich, which was vegan, because I was starving. And they made me a really nice open sandwich with a white bean cream with rosemary, pears and walnuts which was not on the menu. The coffee here is great btw.

This is a very work-friendly place to be. If you’re on a work trip and need a place to work in.

Location: several, click the link in the title and you’ll get a list of the Stockholm locations.

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