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by veronica
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You don’t have to be a vegan for wanting to add some supplements to compliment your diet. It should always be based on your needs and lifestyle but never replace a whole some diet. (If you are unsure book an appointment with your GP).

Based on what time of the year it is, I eat quite a few supplements. This is a list of the supplement I use, why and when. Not all the benefits of each vitamin or mineral is specified, I’ve added specifically why I eat these. 

Magnesium – magnesium is also known as the calm-mineral as some people who suffer from magnesium deficiency can experience increased anxiety. I take this since I try to exercise in some capacity every day, as it helps your body and muscles during the recovery process. 

B12 – is important for your brain, red blood cells and nerves. When you stress or experience stress, this is a vitamin that your body might burn through.

D – once the autumn arrives in Sweden I take D-vitamins, since the daylight decreases and there are no other way to get this. It’s available both in oil and tablet form. 

A – I take this for it’s skin and immune system boosting properties. 

MSM – Methylsulfonylmethan, I take this for it’s skin, hair and nail boosting properties but also for my joints as I do a lot of running. I notice that when I take this regularly I have less trouble with achy knees.  

Kelp – Kelp is a seaweed that contains iodine that the thyroid gland needs to help the bodys metabolism rate, skin, hair, nails and aids in the hormonal process within the body. 

Silica – helps with hair, nail and skin. As I’ve had quite a few disasters at the hair dresser, I also like to add as much hair boosting vitamins as possible into my diet. 

Probiotics – vital in keeping a healthy gut, which helps with regularity,  less bloating and an improved immune system. 

Psylliumhusks – when I’m bloated, I use this to aid me back into shape. 

5HTP -5-Hydroxytryptophan/oxitriptan helps the body create serotonin, and a supplement I take during the darker months in Sweden, as well as if I’m in a more stressful phase of my life or work. 

As iron supplements doesn’t work with my stomach at all, I use the following instead:

  • Eat plenty of fresh strawberries in summer 
  • Raw cacao powder – eating chocolate is way nicer then eating iron tablets. Any day!  
  • Nettle powder – in smoothies. A foolproof way to make quick green smoothies. 

NOTE: This is not dietary advice, this is based on my personal needs and experiences and is not dietary or health advice. Contact a medical professional if you are unsure. 

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