5 easy superfood smoothies

by veronica

January is almost over, the gyms are still crowded and everybody is making an effort either to join Veganuary, have a dry January or just try to eat a tad bit healthier (the most common New Years resolution by the way).

Either way, here’s 5 foolproof smoothies, of which two of them taste more like a treat then anything else, to get some of those nutrients into you, either you are aiming for a healthier lifestyle or not. 

1/ The easiest green smoothie


This is a _no_ excuse green smoothie. It only contains 3 ingredients. 

2/ Goji berry and cashew smoothie


Soaked goji berries are both delicious and so nutritious to put into a smoothie. 

3/The raw cacao, coconut & raspberry smoothie


If I could live of just one thing, it would be this smoothie made with fresh coconut, it tastes like a dessert. If you have access to fresh coconut flesh, then smoothies are just so luxurious, full fat and so utterly delicious. 

4/ Mango, turmeric and cardamom smoothie 


Mango and turmeric go really well together, top it up with some cardamom and you got yourself a real boost in a glass. 

5/ Raspberry Carob Smoothie raspberry-fudge-smoothie

This is the second smoothie on the list that taste like a dessert. I cant explain the taste, it’s like fudge or caramel. But a smoothie. The characteristics of this smoothie stems from Carob which contains minerals such as calcium, selenium and aids digestion, plus is a natural antioxidant.  It’s like candy, in a glass, that is good for you. 

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