The Ultimate Vegan Chocolate Guide

by veronica

Valentines Day is soon upon us and what is more fitting than a love letter accompanied by the simple but much-loved gift of chocolate? I’ve created the ultimate vegan chocolate guide, which has something for everyone.

1. Nadalina Dried Figs & White Wine Chocolate Bar – for the sophisticated sweet tooth.

2. Vego Hazelnut and Vegan Milk Chocolate Bar – for the classic, sweet chocolate lover.

3. Vivani 92% sugar-free Vegan Chocolate Bar – for the health conscious.

4. Ombar Coconut Raw Vegan Chocolate Bar – for the raw foodist.

5. Atelier Cacao Rose Sugar Chocolate Bar – for the rose lover.

6. Montezuma Vegan Truffle Selection – for the environmentalist vegan.

7. Willies Cacao Venezuelan Gold Chocolate Bar – for the vegan foodie/gourmand.

8. Booja Booja Stem Ginger Chocolate Truffles – for someone who loves the finer, more luxurious things in life.

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