Vegan Travel Advice – part 2

by veronica

Let’s continue my 4 part article series about traveling around this wonderful world of ours. In it, I’ll share my tried and tested advice to hassle-free vegan travelling that in fact does not have to break the bank.

(Part 1 can be found here.)


Finding flights

I usually try to book my flights with one airline if I’m doing multi-country travels, that way I collect my miles and cash out on bonus flights or discounts. Plus some airlines (Virgin Atlantic) help me with arranging connecting flights since I’m a Red Card Member if I need to change flights to get to my final destination. All with just one phone call. Then I can sip my cup of tea and let the airline call me back with some suggestions – and I do want to point out that I only fly economy and still enjoy this type of high-class service. (Other airlines, take note!)

You can also use a flight ticket search engine to get really cheap flights, but you may have to pay extra in tears and frustration by doing so. If you experience some kind of hassle you don’t have direct access to get help from the airline staff themselves, often you need to go through the agency which made the booking. Often a time-consuming nightmare – so read the fine print before cashing in on a cheap flight so you are prepared if something would go south.

Read up before you go

Don’t lose precious time while on holiday. Research some sights, restaurants, local food and exciting things to do and experience. You want to know about what lokum stores to visit in Istanbul, where to find the fairytale vineyards outside Vienna or the most magnificent vintage markets of Berlin.

Learn some common phrases, thank you, yes/no, can I please have a coffee, etc and you will have a much easier time making connections with the locals. It’s always an “icebreaker” if you at least make some kind of effort on their native language.

I’ve had some fun experiences and meetings trying my way with my own almost completely made up, very grammatically incorrect way of speaking German that often embarrass my tri-lingual brother who lives in Germany. And I love it!

One of my best friends taught me to always research on local culture before a trip. You don’t want to offend people or get into trouble. For example in Hungary – you never make a toast with your drink and let the glasses touch in a clink. Maybe small stuff, but it’s respectful and it’s fun to learn more about why. A peek into the country’s history. It also helps me look like I’m the international, experienced playgirl that I dream of being.

Originally published by The Happy Cow Veggie blog.

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