Chocolate Date Cream

by veronica

I don’t eat refined sugar, so this is a chocolate cream I do with dates that contains no refined sugar. It’s great on pancakes, layered in a chia pudding or as a topping on my morning porridge. You don’t have to use raw cacao if you don’t want to, however I think it’s a great way to get the nutrients from the raw cacao powder into me. The plant milk you can easily exchange for any variety you prefer, however I like cashew milk as it’s round and sweet. 

Chocolate Date Cream
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  1. 8 fresh dates
  2. Cashew milk
  3. 4 tsp raw cacao powder
  1. Pit the dates and place in a glass jar.
  2. Cover the dates with cashew milk,
  3. Soak over night in the frige.
  4. Add the cacao powder and blend to a smooth cream.
  5. If you prefer your cream a bit thinner, add some additional cashew milk and blend until you have achieved your preferred texture.
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