Diary-free DARK CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES with Grand Marnier

by veronica
vegan luxury truffles

These truffles are an absolute luxury and a definite crowd-pleaser – the right crowd of course ;) since these diary-free truffles have a slight adult taste. The combination of Grand Marnier and chocolate is a classic, as the liquor adds depth to the dark chocolate that I and many with me really enjoy. Adding a splash of alcohol to any truffle or chocolate recipe is a sure way to elevate the flavour.

Should you prefer a recipe for vegan truffles without soy I have a ganache recipe purely based on coconut milk over here.


  1. 100 grams of good quality dark chocolate, at least 70%
  2. 75 ml soya whipping cream (slightly sweetened)

For Flavour

  1. 1 tsp cinnamon powder
  2. 2 tsp bourbon vanilla powder
  3. 2 pinches of Himalayan pink salt
  4. A splash of Grand Manier ( I use approx 1 tbsp)

For Making The Truffles

  1. Cacao powder
vegan luxury truffles


  1. Break apart the chocolate into small pieces
  2. Melt the chocolate using a water bath
  3. Once the chocolate is melted, gently add a small amount of the soya cream while stirring, on low, even heat
  4. Once the ganache is even and glossy, add the spices, salt and a slash of Grand Marnier to your own liking and stir
  5. Remove the pot from the heat
  6. Pour into a ceramic or glass bowl and store in the fridge overnight

For making truffles

  1. Add cacao powder to a plate
  2. Slice the truffles into evenly sized squares
  3. Add the squares to the plate with the cacao powder, and cover in cacao powder

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