Luxury stuffed Medjool-dates dipped in dark chocolate

by veronica
vegan luxury stuffed dates

My favourite dates are Medjool dates, I think they are absolutely delicious and so versatile. I first discovered Medjool dates while exploring the Christmas markets in Vienna. I bought the most beautiful Medjool dates stuffed with crispy and delicate walnuts. I’ve loved that combination ever since.

You can take Medjool dates to a new level by doing the easiest thing. What I like to do as a treat is to pit Medjool dates, stuff them with nut butter and then dip them in dark chocolate. To make them extra fancy I decorate them with thin slivers of nuts or freeze-dried raspberries.

vegan luxury stuffed dates

I think it’s the most luxurious treat possible. As when you bite into the dark chocolate you are met with the soft caramelly date texture and inside it a really creamy centre filled with nut butter. This is perfectly paired with a glass of ruby red port wine or a steaming cup of green jasmine tea.

vegan healthy christmas candy 2

Here are the directions and a few inside tips and tricks from me to you;

  • Pit the dates and slice them open so that you can bend the two sides of the dates to the side, however, they should still be attached together in one piece

  • Fill the centre with the nut butter of your choice, I love to add either cashew, almond or hazelnut nut butter – they all add their own individual flavour and characteristics. For the examples in the photos, I’ve used almond butter.

  • Make sure that the nut butter is inside of the date and that you can fold the date over the nut butter.

  • Place the stuffed Medjool dates in the fridge for a day or two. They need to be really cold before you dip them in dark chocolate. Sometimes I put mine in the freezer for a few minutes while I prepare the chocolate.

  • Melt good quality dark chocolate – at least 70% over a water bath.

  • Dip each stuffed Medjool date individually in the melted dark chocolate using two forks.

  • Place on baking paper and decorate as you see fit, let them cool off and harden.

  • Store in an airtight container in the fridge.

vegan healthy christmas candy

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