Vegan party food ideas

by veronica
vegan afternoon tea

So here we are, in the midst of the party season leading up to the final glorious day of the year.

With New Years Eve just around the corner, I’ve made a recipe round-up for you with some ideas for dainty finger food, perfect to batch make for a buffet and have your guests pick away at while sipping on some bubbly.

These are perfect to make a head and assembly just before the guests arrive. Ensuring that you have plenty of time to get the party ready on the day, without having to mess up either your kitchen or your manicure for the party ahead.

Four savoury recipes

1. Oregano & Kalamata Olive Bruschetta 


A light and herby cream on a crunchy bruschetta. Decorate with additional herbs to make these look special for the occasion.

2. Mushroom and Truffle Cream Bruschetta 


Luxe up this fluffy and light mushroom cream with a good-quality truffle oil.

3. Rye bread with sour creme and herbs 


Sour cream on rye with chives, seaweed caviar and herbs is classic and ridiculously easy to make. Choose red seaweed caviar to make these extra festive.

4. Stuffed coriander mushrooms 


The stuffing turns really crunchy which pairs perfectly with the softness of the button mushrooms. Sprinkle with black salt flakes for that extra luxe touch.

Four sweet recipes

1. Cream cups with fruit


Use beautiful seasonal fruits such as passion or pomegranate to decorate these cream cups. They glisten like jewels on the fluffy white cream.

2. Mini cupcakes 


Making small bite-sized cupcakes are always appreciated, decorate for the occasion. Pictured above are my apricot cupcakes. The recipe is not on the site yet, but you can use this recipe and omit the cacao powder and flavour after your own fancy.

3. Black bean brownies 

Make a tray of brownies and cut into bite-sized pieces. These are also gluten-free. Less in the way of the bubbles ;)

4. Apricots in dark chocolate

A classic, but always appreciated. If you want to take this sweet treat to the next level, fill the apricots with nuts prior to dipping in dark chocolate.

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