How to eat vegan on a budget

by veronica

Since I wrote an article about how to eat healthy on a budget I’m following up this with a swift list of how to eat vegan on a budget. These are some pointers that I think make a difference to my food budget.

If you want thrifty vegan recipes, check out this new tag on my website for recipes, that is called vegan on a budget, which I will tag all the recipes that are inexpensive to make.

1. Make your own seitan mock-meat

Makeing your own seitan mock-meat does not require that much time. Making seitan strips or chunks takes less than 30 minutes, not including the time for the seitan to simmer in a pot of water on the stove. Mock-meat products can be one of the most expensive items in your shopping cart.

2. Make your own cheeses from nuts

Vegan cheese can also be so expensive and the packaging is quite small. So make your own, it’s so easy to soak nuts overnight, strain, and blend with herbs and spices in a food processor. Then you have a versatile cheese to put on everything from pizzas to add creaminess to soups and gratins.

3. Make your own plant-based milk

This is such a money and fridge space saver. All you need is a blender and a nut milk bag and you are good to go. I mean oats are so inexpensive to buy and if you make your own oat milk, then you’ll save loads of money as organic oats are a cheap ingredient.

4. Buy tofu from Asian food stores

The prices for organic, non-GMO tofu is much cheaper in Asian supermarkets than the ordinary supermarkets, at least in Sweden, so I recommend hitting that Asian supermarket and stocking up on tofu and cross-checking prices on other items such as tempeh.

5. Buy dry soy protein products

There are a plethora of dry soy mince to a variety of fillets which you can buy dry in bulk. This is a cheap way to stock up on protein saving freezer space since you can just prepare these once you need them, by putting soaking them in hot water and then marinating or preparing them straight away.

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