Fresh, Homemade Lingonberry juice with a bite

by veronica

I have loads of organic, wild lingonberries in my freezer. I’ve been pondering for quite a while what to do with them. I’ve tried to make jam, smoothies, even cooked myself and advanced spiced lingonberry cordial to use for cocktails. However since I’m more into juices than anything else, I got the idea to defrost a bag and find out how the lingonberries turned out if juiced.

This juice is fresh, kind of sour but it works really, really well with the ginger, sweet apples and lemon. As someone who absolutely cannot stand the taste of fresh lingonberries, I was very surprised and I quite like this juice!

Add lingonberries to your diet to reap the benefits of their nutritional composition, since this red little berry is a great source of antioxidants, vitamin A & C and magnesium.


  • 1,5 litres of frozen lingonberries, defrosted
  • 6 pcs firm red apples
  • 1 pc lemon
  • 4 cm fresh ginger root


  1. Let the lingonberries defrost in your fridge overnight.
  2. Prepare all the other ingredients for the juice.
  3. Juice and serve immediately with plenty of ice.

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