Vegan christmas baking

by veronica

This weekend I’ve been busy in the kitchen and my flat has smelled just wonderful from all the scents mingling with each other. A perfect addition to my already brimming Christmas tree and decorated flat.

I’ve made traditional Swedish saffron buns, and toffee and worked with perfecting my vegan shortbread recipe. Doing some occasional menu planning for an upcoming Holiday get-together, which I’m hosting at my home.

This year I experimented with making twists.

Then brush them with aquafaba and sugar, then sprinkle them with extra sugar and cardamon.


The buns got a slightly shiny surface. I got the idea from the traditional way that Saffron buns are made. They are brushed with eggs before they are baked in the oven. So I thought I would try this. And I think it turned out neat.

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