Savoury Cashew and Cauliflower patties

by veronica


Savoury Cashew and Cauliflower patties
Yields 20
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  1. 1 head cauliflower - cooked (1-1,5 kg)
  2. 2-3 dl coarsely ground cashew nuts / flour
  3. 8 kale leaves - large, finely chopped
  4. 2 pc garlic cloves
  5. 1 pcs large onion, finely cut and pre-fried (2 small)
  6. 4-5 tbsp corn flour
  7. 2 tsp dried sage
  8. 5 tbsp fresh thyme, finely cut
  9. 1 tbsp oregano,dried
  10. 1 tsp rosemary, dried
  11. 2 tsp paprika Powder
  12. 1 tbsp lemon juice
  13. salt
  14. Black pepper
  15. rapeseed oil
  1. Cook or steam the cauliflower. Let it cool off.
  2. Make a mash of the cauliflower, add to a muslin bag, and drain. Try to remove as much fluid as possible. This step takes a while and strong hands!
  3. Pre-fry the onion until translucent, let cool off.
  4. Add garlic, thyme and kale to a food processor, process until finely minced.
  5. Add the drained cauliflower mash, onion and dried herbs. Process until evenly mixed.
  6. Add the lemon juice, a few pinched of salt and freshly ground pepper. Continue to work together in the food processor.
  7. When the batter is even, add corn starch while th efood processor is still running. Deepnding on how much fluid is still left in the cauliflower mash, you may need more.
  8. Work together until the cornstarch is evenly mixed into the batter.
  9. Let rest for 20 minutes.
  10. Create small, thin patties (less than 1 cm thick), coat in thinly milled rye flour
  11. and place on a baking sheet.
  12. Fry the patties in rapeseed oil until golden brown.
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