10 DIY foodie gift ideas for the holidays

by veronica

With the holidays there are plenty of get-togethers from seeing friends and family to office functions. Attending these more private events, it’s always nice to bring something sweet or savoury as a gift for the host or hostess together with a nice bottle of something. Here’s 10 do-it-yourself foodie gift ideas which you can make yourself.

1. Apricots covered in dark chocolate  

For these, I recommend organic, non-bleached apricots, they are simply divine covered in dark, good-quality chocolate.

2.  Vegan Saffron Toffee

Vegan Saffron Toffee / caramel

Toffee or caramel is easy to make yourself, these have a velvety taste from the dark muscovado sugar and saffron. Wrap these up in nice paper and put them in a pretty bag for that final touch.

3. Quinoa Chocolate Clusters 


Use small tinfoil forms for these gluten and nut-free chocolate treats.

4. Vegan Meringues 


This is a perfect gift around the holiday season, as they make the perfect in-case-of-unexpected-guest ingredient. Meringues luxe up everything from a simple chocolate mousse to an ice-cream sundae to a tiramisu. Make them small and dainty.

5. Chocolate-covered cashew nut balls with Christmas spices 


These are definitely easier than they look! and a low-sugar substitute for all these other treats around Christmas.

6.  Cognac mustard (strong!)


Making your own mustard is easy. The original recipe is quite strong, but you can reduce the strength by omitting the cognac and making the mustard sweeter with the addition of muscovado sugar. Store in pretty jars, and don’t forget the bows! ;)

7. Vegan Dark Chocolate Truffles with walnuts 


Roasted walnuts + dark chocolate truffles = perfection. This gift needs further explanation. Pair these with champagne and you have the best gift of this season.

8.  Fig & Cognac Marmelade 


With the holiday season, there is plenty of snack platters, and vegan cheese has exploded over the last few years. You got a vegan cheese substitute for everything – almost. So a fruity fig marmalade is the perfect addition to any vegan cheese platter. Homemade or store-bought.

9.  Raw vegan chocolate treats 


We all have at least this one friend who is very health-conscious. Then this is the perfect gift to make, with no refined sugar at all. Best to be stored cold.

10. Vegan Candy Cane Cookies 

Vegan candy cane cookies

Make these and package them in small bags with a candy cane attached to the package. These are sweet cookies made from a vegan shortbread recipe.

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