Fully Plant-based Christmas Recipes 2022

by veronica
Plant-based recipe roundup for Christmas

It’s that time of the year to make a vegan Christmas Recipe round-up. If I was to create a vegan Christmas dinner or even a vegan Christmas buffet, these are the recipes I would choose today from the website. I hope this selection can inspire you to make more plant-based options available on your Christmas table or remove the stress of finding an entirely plant-based option for any vegan and vegetarian friends and family that may be visiting you over the holidays.

The selection is somewhat inspired by Nordic classic dishes with a few more international ingredients and dishes thrown in to make it interesting :)

Yes, there is a section available on the website with a collection of vegan Christmas recipes, however, not all of the recipes are adequately tagged yet to be visible in that section and I want to include some recipes that are not necessarily “Christmassy”.


Plant-based side dishes or starters

Luxuriously creamy chantarelles

Silky smooth beetroots with truffle oil

A Nordic classic – in a fully plant-based version, instead of herring

Vegan smoked salmon – the oven-baked version

Plant-based cold sauces

Plant-based creme fraiche with seaweed caviar – yum!

Plant-based creme fraiche with roasted peppers and herbs

Plant-based main dishes

A beautiful kale pie can be made with ordinary or dino kale – both equally as good and beautiful

A creamy potato and thyme gratin, easy to make in one big tray, rather than in individual trays

Reduce your stress level by dressing up store-bought plant-based meatballs – my secret is all yours darling.

To complement the bread selection

Easy Three Grain Crackers
We all have them – the friends who avoid carbs even when its party time (I’m often one of them myself!) – so make these easy seed crackers for all those keto lovers you may know

Pair the crackers with a luxurious artichoke and broad bean dip

For the plant-based dessert table

Go classic with plant-based toffee. This an easy recipe to adjust and go creative with, add nuts or omit the cacao for any other flavour you’d like.

I could live off only Medjool dates – stuff them with walnuts and I’m immediately taken back to Christmas time in Vienna. (Who doesn’t want to be there❤️ )

Plant-based meringues with vegan cream, decorated with fresh berries are sure to impress your guests.

vegan luxury truffles
You can never go wrong with chocolate or booze – make the best of two worlds and make these scrumptious melt-in-your-mouth truffles for your dessert table.

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