An announcement about the website

by veronica

Hello darlings,
as you have probably already noticed I’ve been incredibly slow to approve and reply to comments. There is a reason for that. has through recent years been targeted by an incredible amount of spam comments. So in February this year when I started the re-design ¬†and work with the website, I had help to get a solution in place to stop spammers from posting on my website (hopefully – fingers crossed and salt over my shoulder and all that).

Now the comments have finally stopped from spammers and I’m going through EVERY single comment manually just to ensure that I don’t miss any real comments. Of 10, 000 comments about 1% perhaps (I’m guessing now) are real comments or ping backs from readers and I am committed not to delete any real comments and I love to hear from you who visit my site.

I really appreciate every single comment I get and they make my day! I’d love to connect and expand my vegan acquaintances throughout the world.

So, I really understand the confusion that this brings if I approve and reply to something that was posted on the website back in 2015, but I do not want to leave anything unanswered as I said above – your comments are very much appreciated by me.

So now you know, that if you get a reply from me and a visit from me on your own website. You know why :)

While writing this, I’m now down to 1/3 of the number of comments I had when embarking on the clean out of the comments section from spam. So I’m not done yet but I’ve come such a long way.

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