My best vegan toffee making advice – and some ideas for variation

by veronica
Vegan Toffe / Classic Caramel making advice

If you seen my previous post on vegan toffee, where I share one of my recipes for vegan toffee/classic caramel with saffron – I thought it be a good idea to follow-up with my best vegan toffee advice to help you master the art of vegan toffee / caramel. So here you go:

  • If you use Muscovado sugar – your toffee mixture needs to cook for longer since there is more liquid in Muscovado sugar than regular white sugar – pay attention and have patience while cooking your toffee.
  • Better to cook the toffee longer and on lower heat, then blast away on too high heat, you risk burning the toffee mixture if you do.
  • To make fruit toffee use white sugar to keep the color from the fruit you are using, also use the following measurements for the fruit; 200 grams of frozen fruit, reduce the syrup to 2 tbsp, and use 4 dl/400 ml of white organic sugar and 1,5 dl  / 150 ml of oat cream.
  • To create a fruit toffee I’ve used lingonberries so far, and that became quite soft and sticky. Before wrapping them I added all my toffee pieces to a bowl with powdered sugar and coated them prior to wrapping them. So good! and basically one of the few rare occasions I use this much white sugar :)
  • You can also use luscious dark chocolate instead of cocoa powder, the toffee will be slightly softer but so much more delicious! I use 100 grams/3.5 oz  of dark chocolate, and I add this after I melted all the other ingredients to a liquid.  
  • Add toppings such as chopped nuts, sea salt, peppermint pieces and so on after pouring the toffee mixture to set.
  • Create a batch of toffee, then dip your toffee pieces in melted chocolate and let set before wrapping. Very decadent indeed. Also – this is a great opportunity to add some decorations such as chopped nuts, grated coconut etc, to take your toffee to a whole new level of yumminess.

Good luck!

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