My Vegan Foodie guide to Gothenburg, Sweden

by veronica

I’ve been living in Gothenburg for quite a few years now. If you want to know where to eat vegan while visiting this cute little coastal town. You’re in the right place.

Last updated: 07/07/2019


Raw food


Hagabadet  (restaurant area)
Serves a seasonal selection of one or two raw dishes. (I havent been in ages so I cant say if its godo or not)

Södra Allégatan 3, 413 01 Göteborg

Sankt Jörgen Park Resort
I’ve never been here but they have a raw food buffet according to their website. 
Located: Knipplekullen 8-10, 417 49 Göteborg



Serves Komex, a fusion between Mexican and Korean food. Vegan options available upon request. Do not miss the cocktail selection, nor the fried avocados. To die for.



I’m adding this to the list as they have one vegan burger on their menu. However the food is awful. I would not recommend you to go here. It’s overpriced and rather dull. My advice – don’t go here!

Located: Kungsportsplatsen 1, 411 10 Göteborg



The only true Japanese restaurant in Gothenburg. Has 3 vegan ramen dishes to choose from, then one vegan option of each item on the menu, including dessert!
Located: Linnéplatsen 4, 413 10 Göteborg

Moon Thai 
Go here for crazy interior design, good food and crazy cocktails. 
Located: Storgatan 1, Göteborg‎

Dubbel Dubbel
My favourite “asian-inspired” restaurant in Gothenburg. I order dumplings and a few small dishes. 
Located: view website for locations

For dumplings and other small dishes to ok prices. 
Located: Magasinsgatan 3, 411 18 Göteborg

Yammy Kitchen
Offers a huge selection of Korean/Japanese vegan food. I always eat the vegan bibimbap. I love it! 
Located: Andra Långgatan 5, 413 03 Göteborg

Jinx Food truck 
For the best vegan buns.
Located: Magasinsgatan 17

For small dishes and yummy cocktails in a romantic setting
Located: Götaplatsen, 412 56 Göteborg



En Deli
Lebanese buffet (I don’t go here anymore, they quality of the food is not as it used to be)
Located: Haga Nygata 15, 413 01 Göteborg

Chateau Beirut
Libanese restaurant, has a few vegan dishes. Not fantastic but ok. 
Located: Karl Johansgatan 7, 414 59 Göteborg


Black Bird Vegan Kök och Bar 
All vegan menu, offering starters, main and desserts.  Be sure to book a table. 
Located: Stigbergsliden 3 


Vegetarian or vegan options available 

As close to vegan “fine dining” you can get in this town – don’t forget to try their selection of naturally fermented wines. 
Located: Folkteatern, Olof Palmes Plats, 413 04 Göteborg

Green Room 
Vegan buffet located in the amusement park Liseberg. I tried their Christmas table. Not super impressed since some food where cold however burnt on the outside at the same time. Will probably not go again. Shame :( 
Located: Örgrytevägen 5, 402 22 Göteborg

This is a nightclub. But you have two options on their menu which are vegan and also I would recommend to have at least one cocktail. They are good.

Located: Storgatan 47, 411 38 Göteborg


May Day / Zamenhof 

Zamenhof consists of three different restaurants and arcade games. I’ve inly explored one of them which is May Day. I usually make my own with the pickled mushrooms and enjoy this outdoors during the few warmer months. 

Located: Esperantoplatsen, 411 19 Göteborg

Fast food

Has one vegan pizza available on their menu. (I wish they had more)
Located: view website for locations and where their vegan pizza is available

Alexandras i Saluhallen
Pita bread stuffed with roasted aubergine, salad etc. 
Located: Stora Saluhallen 46, 411 17 Gothenburg

Grubby, build them yourself burgers and anything you can ever wish for in junk food available. 
Located: Kungsportsavenyn 39, Gothenburg

Brewers Beer bar
Offers a selection of different beers and has 3-4 different vegan pizzas on their menu made with sourdough. This is the best vegan pizza place in town. 
Located: Tredje Långgatan 8, 413 03 Gothenburg

Wrapped Burrito Bar
Has this vegan burrito with jackfruit in it. Try! 
Located: at several places, view website for further details



My favourite juicebar in Gothenburg. 
Located: Kyrkogatan 13, 411 15 Gothenburg

På Kanelen
Located: Stora Saluhallen, Kungstorget, 41117 Gothenburg



For cocktails in an opulent environment. 
Located: Trädgårdsgatan 6, 411 08 Gothenburg

Puta Madre
For the biffest selection of tequila in town and they serve up an awesome top shelf margarita. 
Located: Magasinsgatan 3, 411 18 Gothenburg

New boutique hotel where you can enjoy cocktails in a plush sofa near a fireplace.
Located: Södra Hamngatan 2A, 411 06 Gothenburg



Kafe Kultur 

This is a gem in an area called Majorna, they have recently switched owners and the menu consists of a vegan option for almost everything. The food is well made and of high quality. They have vegan pancakes which I’m yet to try, but look forward to! This place is highly recommended. 

Located: Bangatan 6, 414 63 Göteborg

Konditori Kampanilen 

This is a classic style Swedish patisserie/bakery that have vegan options. I’m yet to try this but I’m looking forward to a treat from this place. Rumour has it that they also have pralines that are vegan. 

Located: Karl Johansgatan 5, 414 59 Göteborg


St Agnes
Café that I have yet not had the pleasure to visit. I’ve heard rumours about a deliciosu vegan chocolate cake. 

Teatergatan 32, 411 35 Göteborg

Höga Nord
Have at least one vegan sandwich they can make vegan, very Nordic feel, home made pate and beautiful styling of the food. And has some cakes and treats that are vegan. Best to ask the friendly staff.

Kyrkogatan 13, 411 15 Göteborg


Nöller Espressobar
Vegan sandwiches, cakes and treats available. 
Haga Nygata 28, 411 22 Göteborg


Crippas Café
Located: Kusttorget 1

Da Matteo
Has one vegan sour dough sandwich and offers both oat and soya lattes/cappuccinos 
Located: view website for locations (has several around town)

Quite boring coffee chain taking over town, if you are in need there is a lentil soup as well as smoothies to grab on the go. 
Located: view website for locations

This is not a place to eat, but I really think you should visit this place if you are in Gothenburg in summer for a tea. 
Located: Slussgatan 1, 411 06 Göteborg


Evas Paley 

This is the same owner as Condeco and Fröken Olsson, hence they have a similar selection available. Instead of going to those places I would opt for Eva’s Paley because of the setting and decoration. However, St Agnes have way better quality food so I usually never even go to Eva’s Paley, only for coffee every now and then.

Kungsportsavenyen 39, 411 36 Göteborg


Fröken Olsson 

The same owner as Evas Paley and Condeco. Have one vegan option of soup and sandwiches. I’m rarely here as it’s a bit boring with the same food as Condeco. 

Located: Östra Larmgatan 14, 411 07 Göteborg



I’ve never been here but they have vegan food options available. 
Located: Linnégatan 21, 413 04 Göteborg

Restaurang Fatima
Seriously the best Maroccan food Ive ever had (remember I’ve lived in London and traveled all over). This food is great. The location can be a bit tricky to find. Its the smallest venu, but please do try, the food is so worth it. 

Oskarsgatan 4, 414 63 Göteborg


Most sushi-places in Gothenurg will do a sushi platter with only avocado. Ask them to omit any mayo they may use. Always ask to be sure. 

Note – if you want a more throughout guide of a few of my favourite places in Gothenburg, visit vegan miam for the guide a made for her blog.

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