My Vegan Foodie Guide to Stockholm, Sweden

by veronica

I’ve become a frequent traveller to Stockholm since I first published this guide. Every time I go there I discover and try something new. I think that Stockholm is a magnificent city and if you haven’t already, go there at least once. I do recommend the summer but it’s beautiful during winter as well. 

Last time I was in Stockholm, I had trouble finding vegan breakfast spots. So I made this vegan breakfast special with a few places. So if you are looking for breakfast spots that are not the run of the mill coffee-chain. Check out this guide.

I will create some kind of order here, in the near future. But right now, this will have to do :) 

Last updated: 07/07/2019

STHLM Brunch Club 
STHLM Brunch Club vegan

I love a long brunch in the company of loved ones. STHLM brunch club has plenty of vegan selections and one freak milkshake that is vegan. Although it’s with peanuts and I’m allergic so I haven’t tried it. They avocado sandwich was really yummy and huge! Loved that. What I don’t like is that you cannot book a table and that you are only allowed to have a table for 1,5 hours, even if you are a large company that order loads of food in more then one round. Other then that, if you are a smaller group, it’s perfect. 

Inside tip: be there early as the queue starts already around 10:30 on Saturdays. 

Located: Dalagatan 24, 113 24 Stockholm



This is my absolute favourite for fine vegan dining in Stockholm. The menu is 100% plant based using seasonal produce. The setting is very Scandi-elegant and the service is great. 

Hammarby Slussväg 2, 118 60 Stockholm

Rosendals Trägård 


If you are out and about on Djurgården. I think you should visit Rosendals Trägård. They have or can make one of the options on the menu vegan. It’s a perfect stop, for a coffee or something small, if you are out for a walk in this green and lush area of Stockholm. It’s also pretty in winter, with the snow everywhere and you can enjoy your lunch in a greenhouse. Or outside, if you are hardcore.  

Rosendalsterrassen 12 115 21 Stockholm

Blå Lotus 

An eccentric hippie coffee shop serving freshly made sandwiches, sweets and salads. The vegan options are clearly marked out on the menu. 

Katarina Bangata 21, 116 39 Stockholm


Johan & Nyström 

Johan och nyström stockholm

With it’s wooden interiors and great coffee, this is a perfect workspace for a couple of hours. Either it be working on your own blog or writing. There are several locations available throughput Stockholm. For breakfast they have one chia pudding with matcha, which is nice. And you may persuade the staff to make you a vegan sandwich. 

Located: has several locations. View them listed here. Swedish only website, but you can view the addresses. 


Urban Deli 

This is a very popular Stockholm chain which has two or three locations. They have vegan options on their menu or can make some of the vegetarian options vegan. It’s always very popular when I’ve been there for coffee, so you should probably book a table if you want brunch. 


Farang Stockholm

Go for fine dining. This is not a vegan restaurant. However its a pan-Asian fine dining experience perfect for a company of mixed lifestyles/food choices. This is a Finnish concept brought to Stockholm and they serve a selection of Asian dishes.

Either you can order a dish or the 6-course tasting menu. We did the latter. Which included loads of small dishes being sent to the table which we shared among us. The staff at Farang was accustomed to veganism and just replaced some dishes on the vegetarian tasting menu with vegan items. 

At first, you may think that you won’t get full from the size of the sharing plates coming in, but don’t let visuals fool you. You will get an incredible amount of food and it actually takes a couple of hours to get through everything. 

The dessert was some kind of mind-blowing ice cream made from green herbs. I loved it. It was something I’ve never tasted like ice cream before and it was very rich and herby. 

The service is excellent and very attentive and makes sure not to miss the cocktail menu. 

Tulegatan 7
113 53 Stockholm
Tel. +46 8 673 74 00



Small raw food cafe/restaurant which offers ready-made meals for takeaway, but also to order and have there, vegetable juices, kombucha and raw food desserts. 

Bondegatan 6
 116 23 Stockholm


Hermans Vegetariska

Hermans Vegetariska has the best view in town. It’s situated just on the edge of a high hill with the view of the water and the city starting to spread out over the islands below. Not only do they have a great indoor terrace with a view, in summer they also have tables in their garden where you can eat and hang out and enjoy the view of the city below. 

The food changes daily and consists of a large buffet. For dessert, you can choose from a large selection of vegan cakes which looked incredible. I did not have room for dessert so I’ll have to try one next time I’m in town. The also sell Kombucha, which is quite rare in Sweden. 

Fjällgatan 23 B, 11628 Stockholm, Sweden
Facebook page 

Pizzeria Oliven

This is just a typical “Swedish” small pizza place which offers very limited seating. They offer their entire menu with “vegan cheese” so you can order any pizza, ask them to omit the meat and use the vegan cheese instead. The cheese alternative they use is Vegusto and it tastes really nice on pizza I must say. 

I loved that I was able to order a typical “Swedish” pizza at a typical gruffy pizza place. I haven’t been able to do that for ages!

Folkungagatan 86 A



Vegetarian cafeteria style place, which offers a few vegan dishes each day on their menu. 

Located: Katarina Bangata 19, 116 39 Stockholm


58 Dim Sum

This is my favourite place in Stockholm. It’s a small place, if you don’t know about it, you’ll miss it and it has just a few seats. However, this place has the best dumplings I’ve ever tasted. Their vegan options are many, so make sure to try at least a few. However, I particularly recommend the aubergine dumplings – to die for!

Located: Renstiernas gata 23, 116 31 Stockholm


Sattva is a small gluten-free bakery which also offers some vegan baked goods. This is a perfect grab-something-on-the-go place. I had a pierogi with tofu and spices and a cup of tea, as they “day-after” breakfast. Perfect for a quick bite. They don’t really offer seating, it’s just a takeaway bakery. 

At several locations around the Stockholm, see website for details.



Blueberry is a small fast food store with two or three locations around Stockholm. It’s great for grabbing a green smoothie or juice on the go. 

At several locations around the Stockholm, see website for details.


Minh Mat

Vietnamese style street food. One vegan option per day on their menu.  This is one of my absolute favourite restaurants in Stockholm. 

Odengatan 94, 113 33 Stockholm


Kalf & Hansen


Nordic, organic fast food. Ask for their vegan options. (highly recommended)

Located: Mariatorget 2, 118 49 Stockholm


World food and drinks

Located: Katarina Bangata 75, 116 42 Stockholm


Dirty Vegan 

An amazing vegan junk food experience that you will love. Book a table. Read more about my first visit to Dirty Vegan

Located: Södermannagatan 53, 116 66 Stockholm

icha icha

Fast food chain where you can make your own salad/dish. The temphe/lentil balls are vegan. 

Located: Available at several locations, view website for info.


Hawaii Poke 

Small place, with very limited seating. Has one vegan poke bowl with tofu. Very fresh! 

Located: Mäster Samuelsgatan 9, 111 44 Stockholm


Ling Long 

Vietnamese style place that has approximately one vegan dish per section on their menu. This is a favourite. During summer the restaurant is closed but you can order food in the bar from a smaller menu. Some of the items are vegan or can be altered to be made vegan. 

Located: Riddargatan 6, 114 35 Stockholm

Omnipollos hatt

Step in to the magic land of Omnipollo and order their vegan pizza – it’s made with muhammara, olives, fantastic tomatoes, dates and pommegranate syrup. I know it sounds odd but it’s in fact a pure genius combination. It’s perfectly balanced between savoury and tangy. 

Do try their craft beers or for a non-alcohol version, their ginger ale. 

Located: Hökens gata 1A, 116 46 Stockholm


This is a grocery store and deli from a Swedish super food brand. They offer a selection of salads, breads and cold drinks as well as products fromt heir own brand. Pricy and the last time I was there the staff was incredibly rude towards me. 

Located: Riddargatan 3A, 114 35 Stockholm




Located in the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm and run by a famous Swedish chef. I’m sure this is a fine dining experience which not to be missed!

Located: Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8, 103 27 Stockholm



This is a juice bar with breakfast options, such as porridge and sandwiches. I’ve haven’t manage to try them yet as they always been closed. 

Located: has several locations, view this list 



Orangieriet bar och cafe stockholm
Orangeriet bar & cafe



Vegan grocery store.

Located: at several locations so view website for more information. I do recommend the newly opened store at Åsögatan which also has a deli.



Newly opened rooftop bar. If you want the best view of the city.

Located: Brunkebergstorg 2-4, 111 51 Stockholm

Orangeriet Bar & Café

Cocktail place & café by the water 
Located: Norr Mälarstrand Kajplats 464, 112 20 Stockholm



Svenskt Tenn

This is a classic mor eclectic Swedish design store. In the summers they have an out door serving area with a great view of the water. Visit for the design store, then head on out for a matcha lemonade or a glass of wine in the sun. 

They also have a tea room, however I do not know of they have any vegan options. Perhaps if you pre-order.

Located: Strandvägen 5, 114 51 Stockholm


NOTE: I’ve borrowed the images from the internet with only the intent to visualise the restaurant, please go to the source by clicking on each image. There you will find who owns the image rights. If you don’t want your photo used here, please just feel free to contact me and I will remove your photo. 

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