This year’s summer travels

by veronica

This year has been nothing short of amazing so far. I’m very grateful that I had the opportunity to travel to NYC this spring to celebrate my birthday and then go on an extended summer trip through Europe. Before jetting off to Budapest, I attended this incredible pool-party with a group of fab women that one of my friends arranged and that was truly the start to my summer, as it was such a well needed break from work and preview of my holiday to come.

The very afternoon I started my 4 week-long and glorious summer vacation and stepped out of the office we went straight to the airport. First off we spent a couple of days in Budapest. Late night dinners, eating at Nobu, visiting spas every day as I love to soak in those hot springs, to exploring the old Jewish district. Which is very young, chic and creative.


After Budapest, we had an epic adventure due to Eurowings cancelling our flight, which ended up with us going through Munich and losing a day at the beach in Palma. But eventually, we got there! Palma was incredible with stunning architecture, warm, kind and attentive people and the mediterranean sea to spend the hot days by. To top that off Palma had loads of lovely vegan restaurants and restaurants with vegan options. So what not to like ;)

Palma is a new favourite of mine for sure. Just stay away from the last bit of the playa, filled with non-stop partying kids from mainly Holland and Germany (hey lesson learned).


After Palma we flew straight to Stockholm and spent a few days with our siblings, doing a spot of shopping (as it’s not really that great in Gothenburg, I’m sorry, but I never buy clothes in Gothenburg :P) and exploring the lovely nordic city and the archipelago by boat (that was such a luxury!).

So I’ve updated the Budapest and Stockholm guide to incorporate some new places that you should not miss. I’m working on an extensive Palma vegan foodie guide, with places that I visited and found. ¬†Also the places from my wish list which I researched before going there, which I want to save as I hope to visit them on my next trip to Palma as I’d love to visit Mallorca again in the future.

I hope you had at least an equally as wonderful summer as I’ve had <3

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