Ideas for an Elegant Vegan Easter Brunch

by veronica

As Easter is fast approaching I thought I’d help you out to get ideas for a elegant, healthy yet crowd-pleasing brunch table and a buffet that will please vegans to omnivores alike.

Many of these dishes can be prepared and made ahead, to save you time.

The welcome drink:

Orange Detox Juice – as a base for your mimosas, with an extra bite from the ginger you can serve this as a mocktail for the non-drinkers.

Instead of bread and butter:

Easy Three Seed Crackers 


For the salad buffet:

A colourful assortment of salads.

Easy Three-Bean Salad 

Italian Red Cabbage Salad

Steamed Turnip in Dill dressing 

Creamy Kale Salad

The mains:

Easy and impressive make a head dishes that everyone will love.

Stuffed Coriander Mushrooms

Mini Pies With Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables

A suitable cold sauce:

Use yellow bell peppers for a suitable color of the sauce and decorate with a few springs of oregano.

Vegan Creme Fraiche Dressing with Roasted Peppers, Basil and Oregano

For the dessert table:

Easily make-a-head chocolate treats and a fresh fruit salad.

Melon, mint and kiwi fruit salad

Dark Chocolate Truffles 

Chocolate-covered Medjool and Date Balls

Chocolate Covered Apricots

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